Hot! How to dress you and your home this fall

Casual comfort: slouchy pillows, a packed bookcase and a soft denim shirt.





Isleton, a Western town with ties to Asian mafia

Isleton. Founded in 1872, it was plagued by a series of floods, causing many town folk to desert it. It’s main industry became canning factories operated by Asian workers. It was home to one of the Bing Kong Tong organizations known for their violent gang wars with rival tongs.  Later the Bing Kongs merged with other tongs to become a Free Masons group although the Bing Kongs are are still suspected by federal authorities to have links with organized crime. Photos by Indra Fortney.


cowboy_-9_black and white



Delta Blues

A summer road trip just up yonder. Near us there’s a little pocket of California that is unlike any other, the Sacramento Delta.  Driving alongside a lazy river, crisscrossing over steel bridges on a hot summers day, it feels like we crossed a border into the deep south. Craw dad festivals, bars with Coors on tap, bait shops and steak served with (of all things) peanut butter. But there’s a twist, an unexpected surprise, Japanese bath houses and Chinese tea shops!


Locke. Developed in 1912 and originally called Lockport, this place was an enclave for Chinese escaping discrimination they faced in major cities. Chinese farm hands harvested cash crops, including asparagus, potato, sweet potatoes, white beans, pears, and apples.

cowboy_-109 (more…)

Garden and Patio Make Over

A look back to our last project, on a house we rented out this last July. At this stage we had competed the inside and we were ready to tackle the outside. Although I must admit, it was fun to see the looks on peoples faces when they entered from our ghetto exterior into a completed remodeled interior.

#1a_frontThe house ‘before’


The house ‘after’

Rather than painting it, since we had a number of patch jobs from added windows and doors, we went with a tinted stucco over the entire surface. My Hispanic stucco guy thought I was crazy for wanting brown and even more crazy for adding black trim.

The process:



Summer of Love, wistful romance in fashion and home

Soft, gauzy fabrics, crochet, laces, embroidery, all weave their way in to today’s fashion and home.



Romantic off the shoulder lace dress at home in a pared down French provincial bedroom with soft damask, oil paintings and crystal chandelier. Simple elegance.



Bohemian Fashion meets Bohemian Home

The abode of a free spirit.

6568d33a7e8e8e65599b09a1774b697aA clean white backdrop sets the stage vibrant colors and prevents wood tones from becoming too heavy.


Coral Aztec skirt $38 T-shirt $18 Freeway crochet vest $52.  Maverick wrap with Mexican fire opal and blue topaz $198

d63172362741210bd4ab74bdc9d79ebdClassic boho bed, a mattress on the floor.

Boho_15.Simi Sue Tunic with red Buddha necklace $42. Boho Catalog



Navajo Blush Peach Embroidered Henley Dress $78. Boho Catalog




Earthen cotton wild turkey feather rose color t-shirt Napa designer made in CA  $88. Cocobelle necklace $32 Cocobelle sandals $132. Boho Catalog





Easy fit strappy coral and blue print Maxi Dress with Beaded Scoop $52 Cocobell beaded sandal handmade leather $120. Boho Catalog



Dance in Paris tunic dress with sweater $52. Boho Catalog 


This reminds me of the sea, crisp white beaches contrasting with blue waters. Refreshing and tranquil.


Navy Print long sleeve shirt dress $45. Handmade California designer. Lariat necklace with appetite blue $132. Boho Catalog


Go bold! When you have the luxury of tall ceilings, you can play up the drama with massive art work that emphasizes the scale of the room.


Hook & Loop crystal and deerskin necklace $155. Boho Catalog 





Earthen Apparel. These shirts are for the bohemian spirit with an urban edge.  Focusing on original, detailed nature inspired graphic prints – showcasing the wondrous abstract patterns, shapes, and textures that are abundant in our natural environment. All natural unique t-shirts designed by Napa resident Kate Davis. Boho Catalog





Boho Catalog



Ikat dress with belt $42. Boho Catalog




The ultimate romantic dress. Boho Catalog


Boho_19.This season it’s all about layers. We love to throw on a crochet with just about anything. Boho Catalog 



Hot looks -Aztec inspired motifs and embroidery. Show off your legs in a mini! We love the weight and sophisticated look of this one, it comes with a lining. Boho Catalog


Boho_37bLayered jewelry. Mix it up! More is more.


Embrace pattern.


Boho_8 (2)

A simple black tank accentuated by a cotton Fair Trade scarf and handmade lapiz tassel necklace. Boho Catalog

Boho_9 (2)

These tie dye rayon shirts are sensual comfort. Handmade layered necklaces by Hook & Loop. If you want to order from us, simply call us at the store, we are happy to ship! 707-337-5870



Boho spring fashion meets home

Find boho apparel for sale on search Boho Lifestyle. Our current spring catalog link is here. To order call 707-337-5870

Embrace the sun! Simple embroidered tunic over distressed jeans with a pair of easy to wear short cowboy boots. Napa chic.


860b4d9c2751a384a37f7c520dccc97cSimple country-style relaxation.


Fresh and sweet as a porcelain bathtub in nature.



Interior Vignettes: Kitchens and Bathrooms in Black and White

Black and White Kitchen.

Clean and simple. Kitchens to inspire.


Black grounds the base, stripped floors and white tiles keep it bright.


Idea: concrete slab ledges


10 Design Ideas to Create Dark and Moody Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A study of black and white in bedrooms and bathrooms. A compelling contrast of light and dark.



IDEA: For a tranquil feel, keep furnishings low to the ground with blank wall space above.

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Hippy Chic in 2015

Bring it on! Yes, Bohemian 1970’s rocking, ethereal, zen is happening, now and in 2015. I will always be a Boho girl. I cut my teeth in the Hippydom capital of Berkeley as a young toddler then into the country we went. My mom bought a plot of property in a vast expanse of nothingness and with a building book and about five hand tools, often shirtless with a workmen’s belt slung over her bell bottomed jeans, she hammered the place together. It was a one room shingled house with a porch bigger than the dwelling. We had no running water or electricity. At night we read books by the light of kerosene lanterns, cooked our meals on a wood burning stove and listened to vinyl classical music records played on an antique wind-up Victrola record player.

Today, I’m the modern day version, a blend if you will of past and present. A free-spirited nature girl. I also have a little city sophistication running in my blood. My style in home design and fashion is a marriage of these worlds, upscale hippy chic you might say. But the ethos is from a deep place, a well I like to dip into from time to time, a place of serenity and love.

Here’s to cultivating peace in 2015 and rocking smashing good style while we’re at it!

Berkeley gang

Northern California early 70’s (I’m the little girl, next to my dad in sunglasses)


Boho is well traveled. The exotic and the natural intertwined.