Pretty in Pink. A celebration of Easter.

Pop, fuzz, clink! Easter is around the corner. Happy Spring!


Pinky corals make this room ‘pop’.


Pretty pink storage linen cabinet.

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Spring is in the air!

A breath of fresh air and a sip of tantalizing water.


Flavoured Water with Blackberry, Vanilla and Lavender
Yield: 1 liter
1 liter clean alkaline water
1 vanilla bean, or a pinch of ground vanilla bean or 1/4 tsp alcohol free vanilla
3-4 black berries, halved
3-4 stems fresh lavender or 1/4 tsp dried lavender
2-3 drops stevia, liquid & alcohol free, optional


Indigo blue pillows with pink fringe, love. Do you think these are filled with chicken feathers?:)

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Spring Inspiration

Good design starts with a clean home. With this in mind my inspiration for this budding spring is; clean, organize, edit and enjoy!


I love a check list, makes me feel so accomplished to check a box off!

b13a8d3a72be140e4a2ab91b8d90f8c2If you want an even more thorough list check this site

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White on White

The sun coming out in past days inspired me to post sparkly fresh interiors.



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An Ode to Red, R stands for Romantic

A hint of what’s to come.



Sensuous red club chairs in a dark tobacco stained den…brandy anyone?

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Nautical Inspiration for June-uary: by guest blogger Lily Loves Local

Lately I’ve been hearing the term “June-uary” get thrown around these parts. Napa winters usually consist of drizzly days, foggy mornings, and freezing nights. This January, we are plagued with dry, sunny days that go on and on. The drought is really quite awful for many reasons, but I’m trying to embrace the positive side of things. We’re pulling out our summer dresses again, taking spontaneous trips to the beach, and having lots of mental confusion about what to wear and what to do with ourselves.

Back at Boho Lifestyle today, I decided to do a piece to celebrate feeling summery out of season – why not? There are a few new pieces in the shop that inspire me to take a January adventure to the beach: ombre linen scarves, handmade ceramics the color of the sea, and a new shipment of mineral-rich soaps which would be PERFECT in the bathroom of my imaginary beach house.

Ombre Scarf, $32

Ombre Scarf, $32

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Something Soft, Something Scented, Something Shiny: by guest blogger Lily Loves Local


Handmade Brass Bowls from India - $22-$28.50

Handmade Brass Bowls from India – $22-$28.50


At the beginning of each new year, I like to start over. Sweep the floors, organize the closets, set the stage for a beautiful new year and get rid of last year’s dirt. I also love to help my space and wardrobe feel new with a few tricks. In collaboration with Boho Lifestyle, I’ll show you how to make your space feel fresh and new, using what you have at home or adding some new beautiful things to your abode.




Something Soft

Being soft and cozy is so important in winter- despite the sunny Napa days, the temperature can drop over 30 degrees in an evening! As a knitter, I have an army of knitted hats and scarves, but nothing beats a warm sumptuous cashmere or alpaca item. Now, I have never been one for a poncho, and there was even a phase in my life where I protested against them, but there is something so satisfying about cozying up in a cashmere poncho, sipping tea and reading a good book. Boho Lifestyle has ponchos that come from a Sherpa named Sherpa in Nepal. The diagonal lines are flattering and sophisticated when paired with a fitted black pant, tall boots and a statement necklace. At $95, it’s an investment piece, but the word on the street is, Nordstrom’s is selling them for $260. As usual, it’s best to shop local- and work directly with a sherpa.

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Winter Inspiration

A white wonder land, distant from our sunny California,

winter snow1




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Unique Christmas Ideas for everyone on your list; friends, cooks, wifes the person who has everything and teenagers


1.) Handmade local pottery made by Nikki and Will Callnan in their Angwin studio. Nikki has a masters in ceramics and Will teaches pottery classes at the Napa Valley College. mixing bowl_shopboholifestyle

Mixing bowl

Photo Effects-1386723183597

A nifty serving bowl for olives and pits, or pistachio nuts and their shells

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Black Friday Sale at Boho!

We have goodies galore! Stop in this Friday for a glass of red wine and feel good green purchase bargains! Black Friday hours: 10 a.m (no crazy morning hours!)- 4 p.m.

And soon to come (I promise!) we will have an e-commerce site. Shop Boho Life Style

black friday sale#215% off 1.) natural soy candles made in USA with essential oils 2.) Owl candles 3.) special stationary cards by San Francisco artist.

black friday sale#4


Take $6 off every set of olive wood serving spoons from this African cottage industry manufacturer. 15% off all Usful glassware- a non-profit USA company that trains homeless people, at risk youth and low income senior citizens providing them with new computer and job skills.  You make the workforce stronger by giving people second chances when you buy Usful glassware.

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