Let It Roll! Vintage Wallpaper

Tucked inside the old arsenal building in Benicia, up flights of stairs and across a polished wood floor reminiscent of school houses dating back to the 19th century, is a door with a small sign, “Bradbury and Bradbury“. Cut out wallpaper pillars flanking the sides in ornate wallpaper design are the only indication that creative magic is happening on the other side of this opening.

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A nice gentleman smiling deliriously from the printing fumes I imagine.

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My mom picking through remnant pieces which can be purchased for just a few dollars.

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Wallpaper Designs.

Art Deco: Out of the technological, social, and economic upheaval of the 20th century came the early “Modern Style”, the “Vertical Style”, and “Jazz Style”, just some of the early names of what only later became known as Art Deco Style.


Atomic Age: Whether the effect you’re after is “Mid-Century Modern”, “Tropical Tiki”, or “Sputnik” we have a pattern that will set the right tone for your favorite 50s room.



Arts and Crafts:



Wallpaper DIY Projects:

1.) Frame it!


2.) Accent a stairwell wall.


3.) Create mobile cut outs.


4.) Kitchen back-splash- you could add a sheet on clear pvc over the top of this to make it even more durable.


5.) Accent a wall with a banner of wallpaper- you could hang it on over size wood paper clips and change it out.


6.) Line the back of a bookcase.