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Decorating ideas for 2011

As we enter a new year I thought it fitting to focus on the entrance to the home! I have listed some inspirational resources, one of my favorite places to search for unique items is Etsy. I will keep you posted, soon I will have my own vintage product line for sale on Etsy!

1.) Be whimsical. Paint a mural on your wall.

Folding wood cane chair, handy to store away $200.00 Etsy

Funky retro leather slipper chair (easy to clean!) $429.00 Etsy

2.)  Paint the inside doorjamb a different color. Look for different, pretty vases for flowers.

I love the refreshingly simple, modern style of this handmade vase by German pottery designer Tania Julian $28.00 Etsy

3.) Stripe it! Give your hall a zing. I like the way the paper was used in two different directions here.


Retro slipper chair $290.00 Etsy

4.) Who say’s a banister has to be one color? Be playful.

5.) Sisal rugs are great for the entry, super hardy.

6.) Bring in some rustic metal.

Wrought iron accessories

Great hand forged door handle lends a classy touch $36.00 Etsy

Lyrical bistro table, lyrical $75.00 Etsy

Photos courtesy of housetohouse