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Meet the Makers: Artists showcased

Friday night I was invited to take photographs of some of the Valleys finest, not wine but artists. Meet The Makers showcased 63 Napa Valley artists,  portraits of these artists are hung in the Mumm gallery. It was an intimate experience to toast champagne with these  artists as they stood in front of their picture. The warmth of a small town is highlighted on a night like this, bumping into familiar faces at every turn. Thanks to the driving spirit of Kristina Young and Kristine Cummins, the lights are still on, and the Arts Council Napa Valley shines on.

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All photos by Indra Fortney, copyright applies.

Kristina Young.

Gorden Heuther.

The amazing belly dance troupe. Snake like gesticulations, coaxing the audience into a trance -performed under oak trees in the twilight night